CamBam plus - latest stable release

Recommended Download! This version has undergone extensive public testing and has proven to be stable and reliable.

Version 0.9.8P

DOWNLOAD - CamBamPlus-0.9.8P.msi (11.7MB)

Released 22 Sep 2015 build 0.9.5729.19316 Rev P

This install will provide 40 free, fully functional evaluation sessions. After the evaluation period has expired, you can continue to use CamBam to edit drawings and test your post processors and g-code, however g-code output will then be limited to 1000 lines.

If CamBam reports your evaluation period has expired after the first run, right click the CamBam short cut then select: 'Run as Administrator'.

If you are upgrading from an earlier version of 0.9.8 and have customised post processors, style or tool libraries, please ensure you have a backup copy of the CamBam system folder before installing this release.

0.9.8N release notes and comments.

What's new in 0.9.8?

System Requirements

CamBam 0.9.8 requires a Windows PC running the Microsoft .NET framework version 2 or 3.5.

The .Net framework is preinstalled on most modern windows versions but for older systems can be downloaded and installed from the following Microsoft site: .Net Framework 3.5
It is recommended to install .Net framework version 3.5 rather than 4.0 or later on older systems.

CamBam has been tested on Windows versions from XP up to Windows 10.


CamBam plus - development releases

WARNING! These versions are still under development or undergoing periods of public testing. These releases should be used with caution as they may contain bugs or give unexpected results. It is strongly recommended to use a simulator or run air-cuts before running g-code generated from these versions on any CNC machinery.

Version 1.0 (alpha-16)

download - CamBamPlus-1.0-alpha16.msi (14.0MB)

Released 27 June 2018 build 1.0.6752.163 (alpha-16)

CamBam V1.0 is also available for Linux...

Release notes

Discuss V1.0 on the CamBam forum...

CamBam version 1.0 is a new major version, which means that it will be installed in a new program folder and it will have it's own System Folder. This enables CamBam version 1.0 to be installed alongside version 0.9.8.
To copy settings such as styles, post processors, tool libraries and templates from version 0.9.8, copy relevant files from the old system folder location:
\ProgramData\CamBam plus 0.9.8\
\ProgramData\CamBam plus 1.0.0\
The Tools - Browse system folder menu item can be used to find the system folder location.

Required .NET framework change CamBam is now using the .NET framework version 4 as framework version 2 becomes end of life.
.NET Framework version 4 is usually installed by default on most newer PCs. For older computers this can be downloaded from here:

New features

  • Script drawing objects

    Script objects work like other drawing objects, but the geometry is created from a script. This enables parametric designing as well as animations and simulations.

  • Bitmaps and Vectorization

    Link external bitmaps into CamBam drawings and detect edges, which can be used for machining operations.

  • Printing support

    Mouse zoom, pan and rotate functionality work in the print preview window so the area of interest can be positioned within the page.

  • Improved splines

    Drawing and editing splines is now supported.

More new features...

Previous development releases

CamBamPlus-1.0-alpha15.msi (14.0MB)
Released 22 June 2018 build 1.0.6746.31751 (alpha-15)

CamBamPlus-1.0-alpha14.msi (13.9MB)
Released 16 November 2017 build 1.0.6529.18366 (alpha-14)

CamBamPlus-1.0-alpha12.msi (13.7MB)
Released 13 January 2017 build 1.0.6222.16355 (alpha-12)

CamBamPlus-1.0-alpha11.msi (13.6MB)
Released 24 December 2016 build 1.0.6202.22168 (alpha-11)

CamBam plus - previous releases

WARNING! These versions are provided in the event that later versions may have changed behaviour or introduced undetected bugs. These versions may also contain bugs that were fixed in later released, so caution should be used when using g-code generated from these versions.

Version 0.9.8N

download - CamBamPlus-0.9.8N .msi (11.6MB)

Released 10 May 2013 build 0.9.4878.23990 Rev N

Version 0.9.8P (beta-2)

download - CamBamPlus-0.9.8P-beta-2.msi (11.7MB)

Released 14 October 2013 build 0.9.5035.22791 Rev P (beta-2)

Version 0.9.8L

download - CamBamPlus-0.9.8L.msi (9.83MB)

Released 18 November 2011 build 0.9.4339.27540 Rev L

Version 0.9.8N (rc-8)

download - CamBamPlus-0.9.8N-rc8.msi (11.6MB)

Released 11 February 2013 build 0.9.4790.17079 Rev N

Version 0.9.8M (beta-3)

download - CamBamPlus-0.9.8M-beta-3.msi (10.97MB)

Released 23 March 2012 build 0.9.4465.43182 Rev M

Version 0.9.7f

download - CamBamPlus-beta0.9.7f.msi (5.62MB)

Released 29 December 2009 build 0.9.3650.148 Rev F (enthusiastic emu)

What's new in 0.9.7?

CamBam free

WARNING! This version of CamBam is completely free and functional, with no time restrictions. However, the current free version is rather old. There have been many bug fixes and improvements in the later CamBam plus versions.

If you work with the free version it is strongly recommended to use a simulator or run air-cuts before running generated g-code on any CNC machinery.

If you wish to evaluate CamBam, it is recommended you install the latest stable CamBam plus release as the free functionality is not indicative of the latest CamBam versions. CamBam free and plus can be installed on the same machine with the free version's short cut labeled 'CamBam' and the plus version labeled 'CamBam Plus'.

Version 0.8.2

Download - CamBam-beta0.8.2.msi (674KB)

Released 29 Aug 2007, build 2797.19897