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Author Topic: Machining Out File behaviour and defaults  (Read 2574 times)
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« Reply #15 on: October 01, 2019, 16:30:14 pm »


While the topic is still fresh: There was a wish to have an option to output all parts in a project to separate .nc files when 'Machining -> Generate G-code' is selected.

It's already the case ; if you give a different name in the OutFile property of each CamPart and generate the GCode for the whole project, you get a GCode file per CamPart Wink

Not really David,
that will require even more time and attention than generating manually part by part with the default names given by CB.
The naming convention is good and keeps track of linked files down to a single MOP exported explicitly from a part with a bunch of other operations.
When, for example, one wants to refresh all files in the project saving from the Machining root part by part is the most convenient way. I'd imagine even an additional checkbox to allow overwriting existing files without confirmation.
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« Reply #16 on: October 02, 2019, 12:45:55 pm »

V1 rc-2 is now available, which hopefully should improve the machining out file behaviour.

Drawing Templates

Drawing templates now preserve the Machining - Out File property.

So to set a default g-code ouput path...

1. Create a CamBam drawing and set the Machining - Out File property
Make sure to use the {$} macro!
For example...
or relative to the CamBam drawing...

2. Save this drawing into the CamBam system \ templates folder.
This can now be used from File - New From Template...'

3. To make this the default drawing template, set the System - Configuration (Misc) Drawing Template property.

Admittedly, this is a little more work than just adding a default g-code config option, but this way allows having different options for various templates / machines.
I have added an item on the TODO list, to manage drawing templates through the System tab within CamBam (similar to how post processors work), which should simplify managing drawing templates.

Prompting behaviour

There is a new Gcode Output - Out File Prompt config setting

If Exists - prompts if output gcode file already exists (similar to existing behaviour)
Always - always prompts for output filename
Never - automatically overwrites existing output

CamBam will now create the full output path if it does not already exist.
It will always prompt to confirm this, regardless of the above config setting.

Creating g-code for individual machining operations and parts (where the outfile property is empty) will still always prompt to confirm the gcode filename.
If a part - Out File property is set, the prompting behaviour will follow the config setting.

Browse Path

The default folder shown in the file prompt should be sensible in most cases.
If an Out File path is specified, the folder will default to that.
For machining ops and where Out File is blank, the first non empty path will be used in the following hierarchy...
Part.Out File -> Machining.Out File -> Drawing Folder -> Default folder *

* The 'Default folder' above is now also set through drag / drop operations.
So if you open a DXF file by dragging it onto CamBam, then save the drawing or generate gcode without saving, it will default to the same folder as the DXF file.


I have not tackled creating individual part (and machine op?) files in a single operation in this release.

I think this is a good idea, so I have added it to the TODO list.  However, this will be in a post 'V1 official production release', release.

Thank you all for your feedback and I hope this update improves the gcode output behaviour for you all.
If not, please let me know!

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