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 on: Yesterday at 09:45:08 
Started by dave benson - Last post by dave benson
Another small update.
I've milled the hub to take the tools (6) and machined everything concentric.

Next I have to extend the shaft at the rear of the turret to take the pawl and attach the stepper motor.

The stepper I've ordered is a small Nema 17 with a 27 to one gearbox rated at 4 nm at 0.4 amps per phase.

I've ordered a shield for the Arduino compatible with blue-tooth.

I've discovered that the scripting language (Cyprus) has only a SendSerial function and not a receive, which would mean that in the marco I would send a tool change position and the wait a while, while the tool changer changes the tool rather that having some feedback that tell Mach3 that the tool was changed and everything was ok.

I've downloaded the SDK for Mach3 and am looking at doing the tool changing as a plugin that way, as you can get feedback from the tool-changer.


 on: Yesterday at 02:41:54 
Started by Pats - Last post by dave benson
Hi Pats
In your post processor set the ARC output to normal.
Hope this helps

 on: Yesterday at 01:04:12 
Started by Pats - Last post by Pats
Hello - I've run into a peculiar problem with my machine.

So I generate a lot of weird shapes that nare cut on my plasma - I have the problem not always, but very often and mostly with self-drawn shapes.

So the issue is here: if I draw a perfect circle and then generate a profile to it, it looks like this:

All yellowish and perfectly smooth to run on my plasma.

And if I generate something more complex, I get these purple straight lines where I originally have had arcs and curves:

This is the comparison between how many points does the path have in the program I made it in and the straight lines that shouldn't be there: and

As you can see there are no straight lines in my path, but cambam generates them nonetheless - I assume the purple colour in cambam is for straight lines and the yellowish is for arcs or curves.

Thing is, I can visibly see my machine stuttering when it passes through an arc with multiple tiny straight lines like

I've attached the cb file and can provide a source pdf/ai/eps. Please give me some idea on what's happening, because when I need a smooth curve the machine just stutters and slows down.

Thanks for all your input!

 on: September 24, 2017, 23:12:26 pm 
Started by Mark81 - Last post by kvom
Does the laser actually move when the Z changes?  In any case, I'd assume that whatever the cutting height is you could zero Z so that the "off" height is positive.

 on: September 24, 2017, 14:27:51 pm 
Started by niner_zero - Last post by dh42

the plugins are not showing up under plugin menu

Yep, they are not under the plugin menu.

I see that the polygon plugin is installed, the icons are presents in the toolbar Wink the polygon plugin appears also in the Draw menu.

Extrude solids appears in the Draw/surface menu.


 on: September 24, 2017, 14:27:45 pm 
Started by niner_zero - Last post by pixelmaker
extrude solids you can find in menue -> draw -> surface. Solids also in the menue -> draw


 on: September 24, 2017, 14:09:17 pm 
Started by Mark81 - Last post by lloydsp
A post-processor is any given CAM's way of putting that particular CAM's 'internal language' into a form suitable for a particular machine.

As such, there's almost always some machine that requires some 'special syntax' not in keeping with ordinary 3-axis milling (which is what CamBam is truly intended to do).

To that end, Andy made available a feature OF THE POST-PROCESSOR that enables the user to make those 'special' changes to code as if they had been done by the post-processor, but written by the user.  The post-build processor allows a user to extend the capabilities of the post-processor.


 on: September 24, 2017, 13:37:44 pm 
Started by niner_zero - Last post by niner_zero
I installed cambam v1 and tried two plugins - extrude solids and polygons. Initially i got the .net error but i resolved that by unblocking the dlls. I am not getting any errors but the plugins are not showing up under plugin menu. Any help  will be appreciated.


 on: September 24, 2017, 11:00:02 am 
Started by dh42 - Last post by philboone
Thanx for that code! It helped me too

 on: September 24, 2017, 09:27:45 am 
Started by Mark81 - Last post by Mark81
Sorry guys, you are right. In the example I mixed the two options....

Option 1:
G1 F1000.0 Z-0.3 S0
G3 F800.0 X-7.5 Y12.9904 I-15.0 J0.0
G3 Y-12.9904 I7.5 J-12.9904
G3 X15.0 Y0.0 I7.5 J12.9904
G1 F1000.0 Z-0.6 S0
G3 F800.0 X-7.5 Y12.9904 I-15.0 J0.0 S1000
G3 Y-12.9904 I7.5 J-12.9904

Option 2:
G0 Z-0.3
G3 F800.0 X-7.5 Y12.9904 I-15.0 J0.0
G3 Y-12.9904 I7.5 J-12.9904
G3 X15.0 Y0.0 I7.5 J12.9904
G0 Z-0.6
G3 F800.0 X-7.5 Y12.9904 I-15.0 J0.0
G3 Y-12.9904 I7.5 J-12.9904

Currently I'm using the second one and it works.
One thing I don't understand: you both talked about a "post treatment" or "post-build processor". But this isn't the purpose of the Post Processor? Or you're saying that it's simple but CamBam cannot do it? In that case I will write my own.

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