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 on: Today at 21:40:57 
Started by gmoo - Last post by lloydsp
Nice, Bernard.

Those are good-looking boxes!


 on: Today at 21:37:01 
Started by gmoo - Last post by gmoo

this week I  CAMBAMed a few boxes to organize all my tools.
Stackable, lockable, portable.

 on: Today at 21:31:33 
Started by Garyhlucas - Last post by Bob La Londe
I understand cost options.  I just bought a Chinese made surface grinder.  I hope I do not have to do to much work to it in order to make flat parallel parts.  I have had terrible luck with used equipment, and an American made surface grinder was out of my budget.  I bought it knowing I may well spend the difference in time and materials repairing it. 

 on: Today at 20:21:08 
Started by dh42 - Last post by lloydsp
Lest I've not said it, I really respect your ability to put together good scripts and plugins for CB!

I've done some, and they're not easy.

You are one of several "special people" here who help -- not only well, but frequently.  I much appreciate that!


 on: Today at 20:17:09 
Started by dh42 - Last post by Bubba
Regardless, it still needs recompiling for CamBam 64bit
Hmm, it works fine on my computer as is.. Huh

 on: Today at 20:10:42 
Started by Garyhlucas - Last post by Bubba
It is unfortunate that lots of industries were allow to move their shops to China and other nations in the name of profits. There nothing wrong with profits as long citizens can count on supplies to be available as needed or at least in very short amount of time. It seems like the whole western world count and depend on China to deliver. I stop now because this is not political forum... Grin

 on: Today at 18:57:14 
Started by gorf26 - Last post by gorf26

Sorry it took so long to get back to you, just want to say thanks and the post seems to be working fine now..

If i run into anymore problem's i know were to turn to for help..

Thanks again

 on: Today at 18:12:18 
Started by Arie kabaalstra - Last post by Arie kabaalstra
It might do that.. but i don't want to draw lines for these movements.. also because i do not know the work coordinates where i start from, or return to after machining.. Yes.. in G53 i do know.. but i don't program in G53..

I think we're getting somewhere here though..

one could indeed set a clearance of 20 mm in all the MOps'' that would work as well.. but when machining, that means the machine will retract to 20 mm after each cutting path.. and that seems a bit unneccessary to say the least..
Just above workpiece will do, or rather is my preference..

Indicating a second "retract plane" would be a nice feature.. maybe i should post that in the Feature requests part of the Forum, since that doesn't seem to be possible right now..

The end moves, going G28 M2 at the end of the program, works now with my PP, after editing it.
What i also would like to know.. Is there a way to add other MCodes and GCodes to the PP?.. since i can make My own MCodes in EdingCNC.

 on: Today at 17:21:35 
Started by Garyhlucas - Last post by onekk
I think, that this plague (COVID19) will change some paradigm in the world economics.

Till yesterday it was "normal" to hink that "where a product is made" was only a detail, now it is more important.

Here in Italy, some of our companies in the Fashion business, have started to product mask, and some of ours many genial people have 3d printed adapter to adapt some scuba integral masks to be used as ventilator mask.

Speaking of ventilators, in roughly  10 days, we have militarized the unique company that  build ventilators, to multiply the production of ventilator, in a initial stage using military engineers, to help in the making and in the logistic of the components, and in a second time to produce in other places the ventilators.

Some of ours doctors (medical sense) have found a way to use one ventilator to ventilate two peoples, without intercontaminanting them, (as a extrema ratio measure) and have developed the adapter with 3d printing, then one company has "mass" produced the valves.

Now many of our politics people (another common plague that affects the human race) have tought that "we have to point out what are the essential product that we can't avoid to produce in the nation".

So maybe some things will be better in future (hoping to survive the plague).

Good Luck to All, and "Stay at home".


Carlo D.

 on: Today at 16:02:56 
Started by dh42 - Last post by tau
There was an update to fix it here;

Regardless, it still needs recompiling for CamBam 64bit

Thx, Eddy!

That did the trick.... It's working fine now.

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