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 on: Today at 01:43:14 
Started by dh42 - Last post by dh42
Profile Vcarve plugin updated (V1.0.1)


 on: Today at 01:34:40 
Started by GeoffreyGRoy - Last post by dh42

Thanks for this release Wink

Nice, it is more easy to experiment now !

Just one or two things:

- when we click on the CB display area (to zoom or rotate the view), the plugin windows is masked, and if we minimize the CB main windows the plugin windows is not minimized.

I do not know the C# syntax, but to solve that in VB, in the function that is called by the menu click I link the plugin form to the CB main form.

Ex in my nummove plugin

    Public Shared Sub plugin_clicked(ByVal sender As Object, ByVal e As EventArgs)
        Dim f As Form = New ClassLibrary_nummove.MainWin
    End Sub

another pb that I encounter and I just solve appears if:

- you open a plugin like my nummove plugin
- you go to another application that open a windows that cover the CB and plugin windows (ex: your web browser)
- you return to CB (without to close the browser windows) and you close the plugin windows.

in this case, it is not the CB windows that is automatically bring to front but the last windows that was in front. (the browser in this case)

to solve that I just add:


in the FormClosed events of the plugin form.

I also set the 'ShowInTaskBar' property to false, because we no longer need it if the plugin windows stay on top.

- other texts except the combo in the form are still not translatable. (maybe the 't' tag is missing in the form property ?)

the other suggests are for the doc ; maybe say that the tag must be uppercase, and maybe add the examples to the doc itself ?


 on: Today at 01:25:48 
Started by 10bulls - Last post by Bubba
Hmm, This time Andy left me out.. Did not email me with the link. I guess I'm no longer 'in the loop' Cheesy Grin

 on: Today at 00:45:24 
Started by dh42 - Last post by dh42

Thanks for feedback Wink


 on: Today at 00:33:13 
Started by dh42 - Last post by dh42
NumMove - Rotate Updated (for CB V1.0 only) - V

Works for Windows XP to Windows 10 and CB 1.0


 on: Yesterday at 22:29:19 
Started by edhegreness - Last post by lloydsp
The MANY segments are an artifact of the CAD used to lay it out. (Also, it's a very common artifact, not unique to yours)  CamBam has a facility to smooth curves... basically to join many segments into a very few arcs to match the lines.

I'm not at my CAM station right now to give exact instructions, but there are many here who have it in memory.


 on: Yesterday at 21:13:40 
Started by 10bulls - Last post by pixelmaker
The version 13 should however be installed alone. It's all about testing. For tests of new versions it belongs with me that I cleanly install the new version.
This is not possible. It is enough to uninstall the previous installation and delete the folders in the system and program directory.


 on: Yesterday at 20:07:12 
Started by edhegreness - Last post by edhegreness
Thanks for response eddy.
 - so yeah that sort of works... the outside line actually is just a 4mm offset. Why do my lines have so many points - especially the offset line?

I should have been more clear on what I am doing. So I am trying to accommodate for my metal edges in the base material (2mm wide) that dont wrap all the way around ski. The edges will follow ski up to where the square intersects the polyline.
The plan was split both polylines at where the square crosses through and then delete the middles off the big line and the tips of the small polyline... and then I would join them together.
The end result would be one polyline combining the two polylines. The middle of ski would be narrower where edges attach and then at tips (where intersection was) the polyline would jut out 2mm on each side so the edge would just flow into base material...hmm thats tough to explain

I have done this before on past ski models - but this time its taking a very long time. Right now I am trying to just break the smaller pollyline at the intersections and my computer has been working on it for a good 10min already. Any suggestions for other work arounds?

-Can I eliminate some points and still keep the arch shape? The arch shape is very important to the turning radius of the ski.
-Is my computer just really damn old (which it is) and if I upgraded would I be able to pull this off much faster?

 on: Yesterday at 18:04:48 
Started by edhegreness - Last post by EddyCurrent
The problem is due to the large number of points in the outside polyline especially.
You could use Edit->Polyline->ArcFit to reduce the number but you say that might change the shape too much.

I noticed that the oustside polyline seems to follow the same path as the inside polyline but 4mm outside it, so I did this; (and sorry if that assumption was wrong)

1. delete the outside polyline
2. select the inside polyline and rectangle, use Edit->Break at intersections
3. select the segments of the lower set of long lines then Edit->Join
4. select the segments of the upper set of long lines then Edit->Join
5. I now have the inside polyline line with the ends broken off as required.
6. select the polylines then Edit->Offset with an offset of -4
7. This creates the outside polyline.

Updated file attached

 on: Yesterday at 16:49:12 
Started by edhegreness - Last post by edhegreness
Hello Cambam folks... So I have an issue with a design I am working on. I am a ski builder and I am using a free cad program called - Snocad to generate by sidecut radius and outlines for my ski bases (basically the arch you see in the sidecut of a ski).
When I export out of this program - I can export a Dxf file and it seems to load into cambam no problem (dimensions stay the same) but I need to make a tweek to this design once it is in cambam. All I need to do is break this polyline at the tips and tail so I can make a slight adjustment to the tip and tail portion of ski design.
I have drawn a line at tips and tail where I would like to break the line and I use the "break at intersections tool" but then cambam nearly has a meltdown - it takes a very long time to calculate this line and instead of breaking the line into 4 parts it brakes this line into hundreds of polylines (if not thousands)

What advice do you have for me community?
Here is what I have tried:
-when using break at intersection tool I have changed the number the variable when it asks = what distance do you want between breaking points from 1mm to .001mm and either way it take a super long time and brakes line way to much
-I have also played with some of the polyline clean up and arch tools - but my fear is this will slightly change the contour of my line (no bueno)

Below I have attached the original DXF file as well as the Cambam file I am working with.

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