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 on: Today at 00:42:16 
Started by stevehuckss396 - Last post by Bubba
You sure know how to play.. Steve! Grin Grin Nice work.

 on: Today at 00:35:55 
Started by onekk - Last post by Bubba
I use V-carving plugin quite bit. Here some points to get you going..

As Eddy and David point out, be careful with the depth of the cut a specially with smaller tool diameter because of it infinite depth (cannot set) and distance between adjoining lines the plugin will try to remove all the material.

To combat this I was able to cheat (not always possible), by telling CB twice the diameter bit was used, and also used larger V angle 90, ws 60deg when creating gcode. As for finishing v-carving work, you want the letters to pop! Sand the wood real good, then appy couple coats of polyurethane as masking agent, let it dry overnight and do your cuts, after gently removing burrs apply gel stain of your liking let it seat for about 4 to 5 minutes and wipe the excess with old t shirt.  Here some samples of my V-carving, all done with CB and its plugins..  

The Tiki Hut sign was done by (cheating) telling CB 1/4 dia cutter was used. It was cut with 5/8 inch dia V-90 tool bit.

 on: Yesterday at 22:01:43 
Started by stevehuckss396 - Last post by stevehuckss396
Little update:

I have completed the pocket that the control panel will be in. The control panel is made but still needs to be wired. All I need to do is drill one hole and thread it and the machine work on the base will be complete.

 on: Yesterday at 21:47:28 
Started by onekk - Last post by EddyCurrent
If you want to paint the letters then it's a good idea to give the surface a coat of shellac or varnish.
The coat prevents paint sinking into the wood grain and can easily be sanded back to remove any surface paint remaining.

 on: Yesterday at 18:17:49 
Started by onekk - Last post by onekk
Ok I have to experimenting a little, tomorrow I will do some test, as the date is approaching and the things are to be cut and finished.

Some hints about the surface preparation, I could immagine to pass a primer (maybe some shellac) to the surface to avoid soplinters that could ruin the finishing.


Carlo D.

 on: Yesterday at 17:50:25 
Started by onekk - Last post by dh42

I wonder if the distance between the polylines or the "inner region" is greater than the tool diameter the V-Engrave plugin will calculate more pass to "clear out" the area.

No, you must clear the inner area yourself with pocket or profile.

And be careful, the plugin don't limit the depth of cut to the top of the tool V, if Max depth is set to infinity you can get unwanted results as on the picture

square: 20x20 mm, tool Ø3 - 90°

at the right side if I use infinity the bottom of the "pyramid" is at -20 mm !!! at the left side, I use max depth = 1.4

the plugin can automatically limit the depth depending of the tool diameter/angle if you set the Max depth to Auto


 on: Yesterday at 17:44:19 
Started by Garyhlucas - Last post by EddyCurrent
David is correct, both those plugins use framework 3.5 and should work on 0.9.8 or 1.0 versions of CamBam.
The only thing is, a lot of other plugins are similar in those respects but perhaps you don't have those installed ?

 on: Yesterday at 17:32:31 
Started by onekk - Last post by EddyCurrent

Just give it a go and look at the toolpaths.

Here is some TTF with a tool;

Tool daimeter = 6
Profile - V-cutter
Tip diameter = 0.1
V Angle = 60

By rotating the display it's easy to see the depth of cut, V-Engrave takes care of the toolpath calculations.

 on: Yesterday at 17:03:49 
Started by Garyhlucas - Last post by dh42

Both plugins are compatible 0.98 and 1.0 and are compiled with net framework 3.5

be sure the net 3.5 is installed (and SP3 too) on your Win XP ; if I well remember only the SP3 CD has the 3.5 native.

Is the V-engrave plugin working ? ; If the net 3.5 are not installed CB thrown an error in the message window when loading V-engrave, and won't load the plugin ; it's a sign that net 3.5 is missing.  Grin


 on: Yesterday at 16:34:46 
Started by onekk - Last post by onekk
Thanks, Eddy

I've done some experimenting, and for the engrave part I had to use an open polyline so I used the stock engrave MOP, and to determine the decent appearance, I have to do some test on real thing (it's only plywood so it is cheap).

For now I've used the "CamBam Stick fonts" that generated a songle polyline as trace, but

For the letters (that ends to be regions, if I use some TTF font) eventually I have to use the V_engrave, but the mechanics, seem to be "obscure", I have seen in the example some "filets" in the letter and I suppose are obtained using the Z-height, but I've not catch up if they are automatically calculated by the V-Engrave MOP determining the "Z depth" of the tool to obtain a proper "groove width" that match the "region" or the plugin is calculating using the "polylines" as boundaries.

I wonder if the distance between the polylines or the "inner region" is greater than the tool diameter the V-Engrave plugin will calculate more pass to "clear out" the area.

The images in the documentation are not clear in this point.

I attach my CB file for more clearness, it is not a big things, it is intented to be attached to a pouch that contains some "sugared almonds" (maybe there is a better translation for the italian word "confetto")

Thanks and Regards

Carlo D.

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