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 on: Today at 02:54:57 
Started by Bob La Londe - Last post by Bob La Londe
The ballnut is fine.  Very smooth.  Screw drive side bearings are ok.  (There is no idler side bearing.)  A little stiffer than I would like, but ok.  The quill is stuck.  It was so firmly stuck that after I pulled the servo and the ballscrew I couldn't get it to move with a nail bar.  I had to break out my 5 foot straight pick to use as a lever.  Yeah, the same one I use to break caliche.  

I think its time to abandon the head on this machine and build my own head.  I do more high speed work anyway, and the high speed stuff is what I actually get paid for.

Lloyd, I set my X&Y at 200IPM and 18i/s/s during the torture testing and they never faulted.  At 25i/s/s they faulted occasionally.  Z on the other hand was cranked down to 40 & 1 by the time I was done in order to move the quill under power.  

Now for the challenge of building a Z^2 with the benefit of the Z1.  Atleast I still have the little RF30 for crude manual work.  

I also just ordered a complete servo system for the Taig.   I'll have some used steppers for sale soon.  I may be making aluminum fit up parts on Wood Ripper One.  Oh, Joy. 

 on: Today at 01:02:59 
Started by Fritz - Last post by Fritz
That fixed it Bubba, Thanks.

 on: Today at 00:32:40 
Started by sortafast - Last post by sortafast
After playing with CB for a bit now there are a couple things that could be convenient, for me anyway.

1.)  short cut keys for the different views using something like cntrl+<insert key type here>.  I do a lot of 2.5D programming with it and as a visual learner I will tilt the screen around to examine the tool paths as they go down, but when I want to go back to the the "top" view, I have to pull a drop down menu and click the view I want.  doing some sort of shortcut key thing would be really nice.

2.) A bit more functionality with the CAD.  Things like more Snapping options.  Easier methods for adjusting line lengths and a couple other things that I am forgetting, but they are all small things that could help with productivity.  I have 1 computer that I do 95% of my CAD on and a separate computer that I to CAM on (no one makes a good MAC compatible CAM yet so I have to run 2 machines Sad )

3.) Integrated DNC function.  Not sure how useful this would be, but with my circa 1992 mill it would be nice to not have to ferry programs to a separate DNC program.

I know I am missing a few of the small things that would make this a bit more easier.

 on: Today at 00:14:31 
Started by Fritz - Last post by Bubba
Did you try move it to X-Y 0,0 center position?

 on: Yesterday at 23:21:22 
Started by Fritz - Last post by Fritz

I'm trying to use use the Back Face parameter to cut this project. I've told the bottom MOP to flip on the X axis and now the bottom tool path is offset. In the example on the website the tool paths overlap.

I hope that made sense. ...I'm trying to cut the top side, flip it over and put it on the same index pins and cut the bottom side.


 on: Yesterday at 21:56:25 
Started by georgeb - Last post by Jeff_Birt
I used Feed Hold in Mach3 several times today without issue. Typically it is only something I use on occasion but I was tweaking the DOC on a particularly hard to make circuit board so I would let the program run for a while to see what it looked like and then tweak the DOC in CamBam and reload the new program (since I was using a V-bit I could not just offset the Z axis as that would affect the width of cut as well.)

 on: Yesterday at 20:58:31 
Started by georgeb - Last post by macbob
Hm!  Post 3333!  Congratulations, I think!

 on: Yesterday at 20:00:47 
Started by georgeb - Last post by lloydsp
I do not use Mach3, because I have a different control.  That said, it seems like a completely fatal error to the software not to be able to do a feed-hold whenever you want.

There are many instances where one might use it during the course of 'normal' machining.

With all the folks using it successfully, I have to think that if feed hold is failing to decelerate properly, it's a configuration problem.  That's just too basic a thing for them to have left broken, even if it was broken once.  There would have been a hailstorm of complaints about it, otherwise.

Stop?  Well... one doesn't normally resume from an emergency stop without re-homing the axes (which would recover your axis settings), so I don't see that as a great big deal.


 on: Yesterday at 18:45:32 
Started by georgeb - Last post by Simon
Well never had that problem with either STOP or FEED HOLD.........

 on: Yesterday at 18:44:22 
Started by dzarek - Last post by lloydsp
No, I understood completely.

I was offering you a way of accomplishing that now, because the likelihood of seeing such a change soon is small.


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