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 on: Today at 04:53:47 
Started by HLSlimPro86 - Last post by HLSlimPro86
HL Slim Pro moreover proof surfaced that the medication failed to paintings in addition to promised. A Cornell university vitamins professor reviewed all the HL Slim Pro to be had studies on and and determined that dieters taking the medication lost simplest an average of five pounds regularly the identical amount shed with a placebo.No longer a very superb track file. For more ==== >>>>>>

 on: Today at 03:55:44 
Started by macbob - Last post by michel
Hi David

yes but this is very complicated. You almost need have a programmer background to find out how to do it. Is there any possibility to create a video showing every step to take to get the  inlay done on a tekst ? This will be much easier to understand then trying to unravel this technical text ;-)


 on: Today at 02:37:20 
Started by Jeff_Birt - Last post by dh42

Here is a experiment done by banobi that use my plugin website to install plugins, but it is too much dependent of the changes that I can made on the web pages and not all plugins can be managed with it.


 on: Today at 02:04:55 
Started by Jeff_Birt - Last post by lloydsp
Yup... in fact, that's how I manage old-vs-new version, until I'm happy with the results of the new one.

It would just be nice to have a feature that would manage those affairs, and perhaps even give an option to 'restart CamBam' in its menu, so as to make the changes 'stick'.

We've got a lot of real programming 'gurus' here, but not everyone is even comfortable with downloading software, much less copying and renaming files by hand.


 on: Today at 01:04:21 
Started by Prophet_id - Last post by Prophet_id
Ah I see, I will adding manually. Thanks again!

 on: Today at 00:14:07 
Started by lloydsp - Last post by Pyronaught
I've discovered the free 2.5D CAM plugin for SolidWorks called HSMXpress.  WOW!  It looks like they have a feature that works like I described called "Trace"

 on: Yesterday at 23:49:38 
Started by Arie kabaalstra - Last post by SteveT
Thats a very nice router and I am sure it performs very well.

I travel to France a lot and was very surprised when looking at plumbing fitting that I was seeing 3/4, 5/8 on them
when I measured the thread pitch they are BSP (British Standard Pipe), it gave me a very good chuckle to see imperial sizes still being used in Europe  Grin


 on: Yesterday at 23:16:02 
Started by dh42 - Last post by dh42

Je ne sais pas, je n'ai que XP et 7 .. mais je ne vois pas pourquoi ça ne fonctionnerais pas.

tu a essayé le raccourcis maj+ctrl+m (tu est en V0.98 ou V1.0 ?)


 on: Yesterday at 23:05:51 
Started by lloydsp - Last post by dh42

Looking at this I'm thinking it would be great if the Engrave MOP could have a 'tool offset' parameter that defaults to half the cutter diameter if enabled, then it could act like a Profile MOP that follows X,Y,&Z

+10, it would be very useful

He needs to import a 3D object from Solid Works

With SW its easy to extend the edge of the 3D from a given "toolradius" before exporting the 3D shape so you can use directly the edge detect in CB. (at least for this object)

a little video


 on: Yesterday at 22:37:16 
Started by cncobsession - Last post by imr700x
Do not try to run code that is on your thumb drive. Always copy it to the PC's hard drive. There can be delays when Mach 3 tries to read the data from the hard drive and since it needs to do things with very precise timing those delays will cause issues. Same thing goes for network drives, always copy the file to the PC's hard drive.

Not only that but it makes it really difficult for Mach 3 to resume from where you stopped after a hit on the panic button.

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