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 on: Today at 04:21:22 
Started by Gordo - Last post by Gordo
Question re toolpaths - .cb file attached.  In the first pocket (ID 6,1) tool stops short of a complete circumference on all 4 passes from 0 to -7.  That results in four points in the circle (at 0, 90, 180, 270) untouched.  Then the tool comes around and cuts those from 0 to -7 in one pass = Chatter and damage right at those adjacent, essentially finished vertical surfaces. 

There must be a setting I'm missing or have incorrectly set.

 on: Today at 00:05:54 
Started by rick2017 - Last post by imr700x
"I am new to Mach3, my laser uses grbl."


There is a plug in for using GRBL on Cambam, works well too.

 on: Yesterday at 18:18:45 
Started by rick2017 - Last post by Bubba
There was a settings file for Mach3 included which should have set these correctly, perhaps it was for another machine.

In Mach3 it is really easy to set the steps. Just go to "Settings" and , "Set Steps per Unit" . Best to have and thravel indicator to set it correctly. There are lots of details how to do this in the CNCzone.

 on: Yesterday at 15:48:36 
Started by rick2017 - Last post by lloydsp
You just discovered something about this forum that us 'old timers' have known for a while.

There's a rich body of knowledge here among the members, not only about CamBam itself, but also many machines and CNC packages.

And unlike on most other forums, they share it! (And they usually share it FAST!!)


 on: Yesterday at 15:31:21 
Started by rick2017 - Last post by rick2017
Yes, as suspected that was the cause.
The steps/mm were miles out, I used the auto-setup against a DRO as I have no specifications of the machine to calculate from. (I will be taking that up with them). There was a settings file for Mach3 included which should have set these correctly, perhaps it was for another machine.

I have the Mach3 documentation now to examine and set the machine properly from.


 on: Yesterday at 07:52:54 
Started by rick2017 - Last post by rick2017
Thanks Don.
I am new to Mach3, my laser uses grbl. I did try other CAM software last evening with the same result.
(Mach3 objects every time to QcadCam Gcode output with a RijK words all missing message, related to curves).

Yes, this morning I came to the conclusion it was likely the steps configuration in Mach3. (funny how you often wake with the likely answer to your problem). I thought the machine had been fully set up by the suppler as was my cnc laser.

So I will try your suggestion later today.


 on: August 20, 2017, 22:56:53 pm 
Started by Arie kabaalstra - Last post by lloydsp
Dang!  That "tiny" work always amazes me!


 on: August 20, 2017, 22:32:54 pm 
Started by Arie kabaalstra - Last post by Arie kabaalstra
Not much CamBam going on.. as i turned the bezels for the cases..

here's a case with a bezel beside it..

and here's a bezel pressed on the case.. still not rounded off.. will do that manually, turning freehand on the watchmakers lathe.

Oh.. Wait up!.. there has been CamBamming in the last few days..

Milling the outer contour for the buckles.

and 3D profiling them..

so whe have this.. now to flip the part over, and do the bottom.

Which leads to this result..

and then.. after a few strokes with a fretsaw, calm and easy strokes, as Titanium is quite hard, and you can wear a blade down in mere millimeters if you go to fast..

I've already startef finishing the Buckles, and i learnt a lesson here.. i should have added an extra profiling MOp on the top, for get a smooth surface on the inside of the "Blade", i managed to smooth them though, but it took some time and elbow-grease..

 on: August 20, 2017, 19:35:05 pm 
Started by Incomple - Last post by dh42

If you are a Mach3 User, you can also have a look on this.


 on: August 20, 2017, 19:34:09 pm 
Started by rick2017 - Last post by dwc
Hi Rick,
I use Mach3 too so am pretty sure that it never modifies the g-code.
I would start out by verifying that the machine really moves the distance that you command it to.  If that is not the case it points to an error in the steps per inch/mm configuration in Mach3.
Home your machine, note the position, and then do a simple G0 X100  (use a value that is near the maximum movement so it is easier to mesure).  The same for the other axis'.
Did the machine really move as you expected?
If I remember correctly the Mach3 documentation also has some info about this (last used almost 6 years ago).

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