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 on: Yesterday at 23:43:33 
Started by Bob La Londe - Last post by Bob La Londe

Here is some CamBam work I can show.  LOL. 

 on: Yesterday at 23:17:38 
Started by fullmetaljacket - Last post by fullmetaljacket
The first thing to check is that the Arc Center Mode used in your post processor uses the same as your controller is expecting.

I would also look at some of the other post processor alternatives that may be a closer starting point for your machine.
The Centroid post processor use a semi-colon for comments and lowered numerical precision for example.

Some post processor settings that can affect arc output, particularly on older controllers...

Minimum Arc Length: default 0.0001 , centroid uses  0.001
Maximum Arc Radius: 10000
Number Format: 0.0###

The post processors are very configurable.  Here is more information regarding their use...

The post processor forum section may also be of help and worth searching to see if anyone has uploaded a post processors for your controller or similar.

I doesn't use postprocessor, but changing numer format works!. thanks.

 on: Yesterday at 23:16:34 
Started by fullmetaljacket - Last post by fullmetaljacket
There's a help file here that details G code requirements;

The sbase appears to based on a Smoothie board.

Yes, I have the latest smoothieboard firmware in my mks board. Do you know which post processor is the best for smoothieboard?. thanks

 on: Yesterday at 22:45:14 
Started by Vitran - Last post by lloydsp
'Extraction plane' is 'retract height'.

'Safety plane' is 'clearance height'.

'Surface' is material surface height, which might be zero, but might be below zero.

'Peck size' is 'depth increment'

'Target depth' is just 'depth' (from Z=0)

'Incremental' is what G83 does.  G81 is a 'full-depth' drilling' in one push.

However, you can make a G83 do a full-depth cycle by changing the depth increment to the full depth of the hole.


 on: Yesterday at 22:23:07 
Started by Bob La Londe - Last post by EddyCurrent
Is this it ?

and don't forget this too;

 on: Yesterday at 22:11:14 
Started by Bob La Londe - Last post by Bob La Londe
I seem to recall this having been brought up before, but I can't find it.  The ability to add visible text dimensions and dimension lines. 

I know I can do it in ViaCad fairly easily (there is a dimensioning menu), but I thought somebody had written a script or plugin to do this in CamBam.

 on: Yesterday at 22:06:27 
Started by Vitran - Last post by Vitran
That's great


I still have not finished the PP for the drilling cycle. It is of the form:

G83 EA# SA# OA# MI# TA#

Where EA =  extraction plane, SA = Safety plane, OA = Surface, MI = Peck size, TA = Target depth. The 'A' is for absolute and can be replaced with an 'I' for incremental.

Not sure how to attack it yet, but will get there one day.

 on: Yesterday at 21:18:00 
Started by mosaicdave - Last post by mosaicdave
Hi Dave and David--

Thanks for your replies.

I won't try to rehash the saga of my experiences with Mach3 here, as it will just clog everything up.  However for reference, you can see some long descriptions of what I've been dealing with, over at my thread on Warp9:

Basically, I don't like or trust Mach3 any more.  It was fine for prototypes, but I've been using this machine to make 1,000 copies of a small plastic part this summer, and the occasional random freezes and errors with Mach3 are a significant irritant.  On top of that, there's the known bug within Mach3 where the axes will sometimes continue moving on their own, while you're just trying to jog a wee bit here and there to set the origin.  Here's my thread where I was trying to figure out what to do about that:,37608.msg257051.html#msg257051

I'm using 1mm diameter endmills for the parts we're making here, and we've already snapped off half a dozen of them or so, just on acccount of this irritating bug.

Anyway, thanks for the replies, but these are the reasons why we're heading for Mach4, or maybe something like Flashcut if Mach4 isn't better.

Thanks again and best regards--


 on: Yesterday at 16:33:30 
Started by Vitran - Last post by dh42

Is there a way to make the processor write out the X and Y each time?

Yes, edit the post processor macro in the system tab, then remove the underscore (_) that are in front of the moves macros.

Note: The gcode operators {$g…} and their parameters can specified using an underscore ( _ ) prefix. This is to show values that are modal (or sticky). That is, they will only be output if the current value has changed. Omitting the underscore will force the parameter to be always output.


 on: Yesterday at 15:56:43 
Started by Vitran - Last post by Vitran
I am working on a Deckel FP50CC/T with a Dialog 11. An example G-code produced is:

N1 G3 X1 Y1 I3 J3
N2 X2 I4 J4

Y=1 is on both lines it is automatically removed from N2. This causes an issue with the Dialog 11 processor. Is there a way to make the processor write out the X and Y each time? G3 has been removed from N2, which is fine and the machine assumes N2 is a G3.

Outside of that I have most of the Dialog 11 processor done. I will post it when it is done.

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