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 on: Today at 21:06:40 
Started by 10bulls - Last post by newlinuxuser
I use only linux version, cambam take about 5 seconds to start for the first time and about 2 seconds the next times.
Only 3 GB ram and an old 2 duo Intel T9400.
Maybe there is something wrong about your windows installation?

 on: Today at 16:24:29 
Started by Frank@Solution - Last post by Bob La Londe
Like layers themselves, tool libraries, and styles.  They are really only useful if you plan ahead.  Tools like this that work are really handy if you do plan ahead.  Putting points lists for your screw holes on the same layer as a mapped texture pattern is stupid and poor planning once you start to learn how everything works.

"What if I randomly put different types of things on the same layer?"  Then why even have layers?  Really?

The tool would be excellent for somebody who uses good planning to take advantage of it. 

 on: Today at 15:58:33 
Started by shane - Last post by dh42

To add the delay in the PP, go to the CamBam system tab, post processor folder, locate your PP, search for the property 'Spindle CW' in the 'M codes' section, click on the |..| button at the right side of the line to run the text editor and change the M3 to

G4 Pxxx

where xxx is the delay in ms or in seconds, depending of your software.


 on: Today at 14:16:33 
Started by sibianul - Last post by Garyhlucas
FS Wizard says a 1mm carbide end mill in steel should run about 13,000 rpm. Any backlash or machine deflection with tools that small is bad news. So a more ridgid machine like the Tormach with a high speed spindle would be way better than the router for small tools in any material.

 on: Today at 09:41:57 
Started by kkrueger - Last post by kkrueger
I thought it should have been listed as a feature request all along. 

Ok, I reheated the thread...


 on: Today at 09:39:04 
Started by sibianul - Last post by sibianul
If you are doing lots of work with tiny endmills on a Tormach I think I'd build a spindle speeder...

Gary, I wanted the Tormach because my first CNC machine had the spindle minimum rpm to high for steel, and to low torque on low speed, this is what everyone told me, I know that also the rigidity is not comparable, but for so small endmill I don't think there is a problem of rigidity on the router, and on the router I can go as fast as 24k (well.. in the past I could, but now I mounted a potentiometer to control the RPM, I changed the entire LCD and buttons module on the HY 2.2kw VFD, and now the maximum speed is only 12k .. but I think it's something in the settings, it didn;t bother me as anyway I usually mill at ~9k)

I still have the router as most of my work is done on that, the tormach should allow me to do other types of parts, like those steel leather cutting dies.

Do you think that even at such low depth of cuts with small endmill, could be any rigidity problem on the router? Isn't the high speed in the spindle bad for steel machining ?

 on: Today at 09:38:44 
Started by Frank@Solution - Last post by kkrueger
Hello everyone,

I hope it is appropriate to warm-up this thread about layers and MOPs.  Grin

As discussed here would be a great aid to be able to point to MOP's primitives through layers.
More explanation:
The MOP currently stores explicit primitive IDs. As DXF files come structured by layers, and CamBam properly feeds them into it's projects, it would be a great thing to be able to store the layer name in the MOPs and thus *indirectly* use them as a pointer to all primitive IDs contained in that layer(s).

This would greatly save lots of work when updating the DXF source of a project...

Maybe, this could be a nice supplement to the v1.0 branch.  Roll Eyes

Have a nice sunday afternoon,

 on: Today at 09:35:44 
Started by 10bulls - Last post by GeoffreyGRoy
I like CamBam a lot, but the one slight annoyance is the time it takes to startup.  Many applications use s splash screen to mask the delay. So, any chance of a nice CamBam splash screen in V1?


 on: Today at 05:18:46 
Started by shane - Last post by shane
Thanks David for the very thorough reply.  Only problem is I am using the Mach post with UCCNC.  I will have a look at the UCCNC settings and see if there is something similar to Mach.



 on: Today at 03:55:44 
Started by Millone - Last post by annuello
From a user interface design point of view, I suppose it would be useful for "non active/relevant" parameter text (or background?) to appear as grey rather than black (or grey rather than white for the background).  I'm happy to admit that I've got no appreciation of the behind-the-scenes complexities to achieve this.

Software dev is always a balancing act between appearance and functionality.  In some instances, an enhanced visual experience enhances the functionality.  It probably wouldn't be the case in this instance, but it could make for a nicer experience none the less.


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