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 on: Today at 16:38:47 
Started by alchage - Last post by alchage
I have tried the program that you have told me and the drawing goes well. Tomorrow I will do tests with the CNC

 on: Today at 16:36:46 
Started by GeoffreyGRoy - Last post by EddyCurrent
1. Target Depth was set to 0.5

it should always be a - value, i.e. -0.5

2. No tool was specified
3. As Bubba said, wrong post processor selected, use Mach3 post
4. There was a warning from the Wrapper plugin regarding g codes it can't handle.
5. You changed some default settings but I don't think there was any need to.

So, select the polylines then, Edit->Polyline->Remove Arcs

That should do it.

 on: Today at 16:25:16 
Started by Bob La Londe - Last post by Bubba
Yes Gary,

That one is commercial grade, I'm very familiar with that one, very accurate, the 1" blade is expensive and it comes with variety of tooth configurations and to change is a chore. But if it used correctly,with all the settings right, you can easily cut to size..

 on: Today at 15:21:58 
Started by Lou van Wijhe - Last post by Lou van Wijhe
Setting a 3 second spindle-on delay did the trick!
This forum is great!  Smiley


 on: Today at 15:18:25 
Started by Bob La Londe - Last post by Garyhlucas
I’ve owned all kinds of bandsaws over the years, a couple of Rongfu’s, a Welsaw, Startrite, Johnson, Grob, And DoAll. This 1970 Marvel tilting head saw though is the only one that makes me smile every time I use it!

 on: Today at 13:48:31 
Started by GeoffreyGRoy - Last post by Bubba
For one, you entered 'wrapper' as post processor you are using. It should be the post for your machine.

 on: Today at 13:32:58 
Started by Lou van Wijhe - Last post by Lou van Wijhe
Danke schön, Ralf! Just another question regarding Drill Lead Out: With a hole diameter of 6mm and using a 3mm end mill, do I set Lead Out Lenth to 3 for a move to the center before retracting? Or am I talking nonsense?


 on: Today at 12:35:30 
Started by alchage - Last post by pixelmaker
The g-code is correct. CAMotics can´t display absolute g-code. Maybe there is a setting to switch to absolute.
G90 means absolute g-code.
Perhaps NC-Corrector is something for you. It is not a simulation software but it shows the toolpath.
To find errors in the toolpaths it is the better choice for me.


 on: Today at 12:13:26 
Started by Lou van Wijhe - Last post by pixelmaker
In WinPCNC you set the spindel delay in the -> Parameter -> Signale/Zeiten -> Spindelhochlaufzeit. I don´t know if there is a english surface or a netherland language.
I use avalue of 3000 what means 3 seconds delay for spindle start.
In the spiral drill mop I use the "Drill lead out" option to  prevent marking at the side of the holes.


 on: Today at 10:51:21 
Started by GeoffreyGRoy - Last post by Z-vision
here are the files guys see if you can work it out. I'm only new so could be something small
the 5 and 1 are not coming out right.  it seems to be fine in the normal gcode but when i go to the wrapper plug-in then it starts  doing funny things


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