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 on: Today at 09:33:29 
Started by Bob La Londe - Last post by Dragonfly
I do some limited use of work offsets, like you say, to do some ad-hoc job while retaining the setup for a series of parts that use a jig or a special holder to machine them. But they are not fixed to dedicated spots on the table. I set them dynamically as needed.

 on: Yesterday at 19:28:24 
Started by Bob La Londe - Last post by Bob La Londe
I remember when I struggled through my first work offset understanding.  It was years ago when I had to learn that machine position just keeps the machine from wrecking itself (if its setup properly).  Your work offset is what tells the machine where to cut the part. 

Well, not that long ago I started cutting parts two at a time by using two work offsets (usually G54 and G55, but not always).  It was great.  I didn't have to know where the parts where at all in CAM.  I just located one piece of stock in one work offset and located the other piece of stock in the other at the machine.   It was wonderful.  LOL.

Now I don't even hesitate to use a machine that's setup up and dialed in for something else.  I just change the work offset and locate the stock or reference surfaces, cut the part, and change the work offset back.  Right now I have three offsets setup on my big mill.  Two are for 2nd, 3rd & 4th setups for a multiple piece order, and the third is for a job I threw in the vise because I needed to do it right now.  G54 locates setup in the vise for a back side operation with a work stop rod coming in from the side.  G55 locates a deep drilling operation where a part is clamped up for 3 and 4 setups against a right angle plate with a couple 123 block clamped to the table for locating the part, and G57 is currently centered on a lathe chuck I am using to engrave some round parts for a totally different job.  Meanwhile the middle weight mill has a vise 1 with a work stop rod as G54 and vise 2 similarly setup with a work stop as G55 to cut two parts at a time before they get moved to the big mill for their 2nd, 3rd, and 4th setups. 

It used to be if I had a machine setup for a multiple piece job, and suddenly had to do something else I was paralyzed.  The thing is I have known what work offsets are and roughly how they work for years.  I just never really used them.  I thought they were for guys with mega machines doing much more complex work.  Nope.  They are just convenient places to store the current location in different work coordinate volumes with different zeros while you work on something else. 

 on: Yesterday at 19:13:18 
Started by Dragonfly - Last post by Dragonfly
Backlash and router chassis "ringing" was my main concern.
My drive is with trapezoidal screws and polyamide nuts of my own design - one fixed, the other adjustable so they are just a minimal distance from the screw wall.  This at the expense of relatively low rapid speed because of friction force. But when I do a hole center finding (by a macro in Mach3) I get +-0.01 mm deviation in consequent cycles. IMHO I can't ask for more from a DIY machine.

 on: Yesterday at 17:45:31 
Started by Dragonfly - Last post by Bob La Londe
Its really nice to learn, really grasp, and apply something like that. 

If your mill backlash is consistent between the axis or you have compensation that works properly its really nice for creeping up on a tight tolerance precision thread too. 

Good Job! 

(I feel this way about using work offsets right now.  I may post about it later.)

 on: Yesterday at 17:25:53 
Started by 10bulls - Last post by onekk
For the OpenfileDialog problem, something is moving, I've posted a minimal "working" example to show the behaviour as i was asked to do, crossed fingers.


Carlo D.

 on: Yesterday at 16:41:05 
Started by Dragonfly - Last post by Dragonfly
P.S. Forgot to add that with thread milling I do a part (12 holes) for 4 minutes. While with a motorized adapter on the Z slide using a set of 2 ordinary taps it took 4 minutes for a single hole. 12 times gain in production time Smiley

 on: Yesterday at 16:15:13 
Started by Dragonfly - Last post by Dragonfly
First time I ever use the plugin and the MOP, and a thread milling cutter too.
And here it is - M1.6x0.35. I know some guys here do even smaller but this is my first personal achievement Smiley
I preferred climb milling bottom to top because I can control the speed with which the tool dives into the hole giving it a chance to clear an eventual tiny chip inside. And because in top to bottom milling the tool is extracted with a rapid (G0) move which I personally don't like while it is still inside the bore. At least I could not find a parameter to control the speed for tool lifting. Maybe plunge speed should be respected while below the stock surface ...?

 on: Yesterday at 16:10:43 
Started by 10bulls - Last post by onekk
Speaking for Linux, the keypad behaviour is slightly "erratic", some times it behaves normally, i.e it respects the "block num" status, some times not, I haven't found why and when it appears, at least on my Devuan "Debian" machines, (two different machine, runnig the same distribution).

Some quick search I've done some time ago gave no result in such behaviour, but some time ago Mono was not so widespread, but hoping in some future investigations, as in Mono things are moving at different speeds, the part that interest Microsoft are ironed out quickly, other part are labelled "community efforts" or similar and left at the  community  "good wills" to iron them out.


Carlo D.

 on: Yesterday at 15:13:29 
Started by toplakd - Last post by toplakd
Looking good.  Why the 7i92?  

The 5i25 will handle a machine like that just fine.  

As I do want to have it ethernet connected like the current one where I just added 7i92 between computer and current parallel port BOB. And at the end, both cost same price, 5i25 and 7i92.

Will use same Parallel port BOB on new machine as on old one. Running 9+ years without any issues. Benezan Advanced Interface.

 on: Yesterday at 01:47:43 
Started by toplakd - Last post by Bubba
Nice work. Wink

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