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1  FeedBack / Feature Requests / Re: Can't upload .jpeg format it rejects claiming .jpg only on: January 30, 2016, 01:24:15 am
That is correct. With the iPad your limited without purchased apps ( none I use or own ) tha will allow you to rename a picture, let alone change its format from JPEG to jpg.

Text file yes.

I just got tired of the damn thing ( iPad ) giving me a run around and upload them to and then just now, upload a new topic to members section called prototype.

I appreciate your help, please delete this thread if I can't within 24 hours. I'll just use the work around and go with that. ( uploads )

Thank you very much.
2  Made by CamBam / Members Projects / Re: Prototype. learning on: January 30, 2016, 01:18:08 am
Here's a few more images.

I emailed a buddy of mine who played with the raw image using chromatic effects, and placed a flag and a military emblem in the image. He says when it's ready for a real carve, that's the style he wants, nothing different, just that. ( grey photo with imposed flag and insignia )

So, I try.

I'm not capable yet of grasping a curved surface ( think rifle barrel ) within a rectangle area yet. I grasp a lot but I might not quite get what is implied through the sample vids and images.

Best buck I ever spent though, and I wouldn't want it spent any other way.


3  Made by CamBam / Members Projects / Prototype. learning on: January 30, 2016, 01:09:00 am

I'm struggling, I have no one to ask locally how to get what I have in my head into Cambam. I've tried my best to learn Cambam so far and I understand a lot of it. Where I fail is contour sloped edging.

But, it's coming along. Ive got about 40 hours into this basic design, poly by poly, arc by arc, region by region. I've a lot to be thankful for, I've read a lot here, few questions asked, just hands on training, self taught with no prior experience in machining or Gcode.

This design is made solely using cambam, it comprises approximately 80 folders, 180+ individual parts and over 90 milling operations all compartmentalized into specific folders.

For Example: The Pictatinny rails on the helmet alone is one folder comprising 19 mops alone. Just for the Picatinny. helmet body is another folder, and so on. If I ever learn how to do sloped surfaces with this program, my world changes. ( really fail to grasp the concept ) and watching/reading following the example escapes me

But, it is what it is and I'm very pleased with my bang for my buck with Cambam. No other program I found allows a specific part interface where I can easily change anything on the fly, by the part, by the region. I plan on doing large slab engravings?, maybe even deep carvings?, lithophanes?, not sure yet as I have to complete the draped flag background with Apache's Helicopters in formation and a few additions for a border in some cases.

Thus, my first prototype carved at 0mm - 4mm

More photos as time allows
4  FeedBack / Feature Requests / Re: Can't upload .jpeg format it rejects claiming .jpg only on: January 29, 2016, 23:21:31 pm
You can edit, crop, reduce size, even apply filters, rotate, heck there's a lot you can do....but you can't change a jpeg to a jpg, or a jpg to a gif or a .img to a jpg......good ol Apple iPad.

I don't let my Win 7 see any type of Internet that runs Cambam ( which is Bootcamped inside Apple ) so that I never have to worry about updates, viruses, firewalls. I even keep the Main Mac off the internet so it never updates from its original working OS.

I won't let what works be corrupted.

I will however, make a valiant attempt to post a great Member made topic with images ( as a newb ) from working with Cambam.

Just as soon as I get anything to work right today.
5  FeedBack / Feature Requests / Can't upload .jpeg format it rejects claiming .jpg only on: January 29, 2016, 21:30:01 pm
I'd like to post a few images and yet when I grab them off my iPad taken from an iPhone, it claims they are .jpeg and it must be .jpg

Now that's all fine, but I have no way to convert them from jpg to jpeg.


I just want to share a few images to members section.
6  Support / Installation Help / Re: Getting the Latest Release on: October 06, 2015, 20:53:05 pm

Thank you so much for the fast info.
7  Support / Installation Help / Getting the Latest Release on: October 06, 2015, 20:40:43 pm
My shop computer: Mac Mini with Bootcamped Win7 professional. I boot to Win7 and design everything in CamBam Licensed Version .9 Rel 8N. I then transfer the files needed for the CNC by way of flash drive to the Mac after a reboot into Mac OS.

I DONT LET EITHER OS ( Win7 or Mac ) see the internet. For security reasons.

Quick question:
Can I download the latest release on another computer, to a sufficient sized flash drive, then boot into Win 7 and copy the update to Win7 desktop and install from there?.

I have the license key isolated. Will all my designs and files do a clean transfer over to the new release?. I can isolate them if necessary.

Thank you in advance
8  Announcements / Latest News / Re: Apology and Update on: September 24, 2015, 22:00:34 pm
First I'd like to say "Thank you for an easy to use program that has seriously changed my life since purchasing in early 2015" and I've pushed your product at every chance I have had when anyone asks for a powerful product yet easy to use and light on the wallet.

I have been face down, sniffing sawdust, pulling my hair out and drooling over the long term results of the after mentioned when it all comes out perfectly. It's been an easy road thanks to cambam, the biggest issue I have is my age and my lack of comprehending various terms and how they affect end results.

It has been a fun 8-ish months, no other program ( I've tested $11,000 programs to $700.00 ) can be counted on to never crash, never have me constantly checking for drivers, just works right out of the gate and it gives results in Toolpaths View and GCode quickly.

So...I have to ask: are we still Window 7 Pro safe?, stable, and reliable?.

One day I may make a fortune, but today I make sawdust and shavings.
9  Support / CamBam help (General usage) / Re: Surfaces and Cuts & Method to Get CamBam to do it. on: April 08, 2015, 01:37:19 am

I have a quick question(s) as a followup to the above situation. It has to do with regions:

Regions, in the doumentation says this:
"A region consists of a closed outer shape and a number of internal holes".

To create a region, select inner and outer shapes then use the Edit - Convert - To Region menu option, or press CTRL+R

My question(s) about regions is:
What is the purpose of a region?, why would one make a region? and for what aspect of machining would one have a region?..Documentation does not give pros vs. cons on usage.

Is it to keep Machining Ops within that region or to keep them out?...

If to keep out machining from a region from the rose sitting on the heart described above, and setting the new depth surrounding the region ( future heart machining below it ) will the rose be protected  if clearances are correct?

If to keep the machining constrained to the region can a person have the machining avoid the heart ( heart is in a region) boundary and only machine within either the rose or the surface surrounding the heart but not the heart

my next question will be about created surfaces from a BMP, but I'll wait for any answer I get to makes me understand more about a region.

thank you.
10  Support / CamBam help (General usage) / Re: Surfaces and Cuts & Method to Get CamBam to do it. on: April 06, 2015, 17:21:04 pm
You are all correct, and each of you have given more insight as to how to accomplish the end goal. I have read the documentation and don't fully comprehend all of it yet, but I see huge potential inside of cambam for doing what I know can be done.

I was looking at Vectric Vcarve desktop, and the marketing for the program is slightly misleading at what it actually does, Vcarve desktop is just a cam program that still needs a 3D program or source file to accomplish what cambam can do on the fly. I didn't realize this simple fact until I just DL'd the trial version and said "Oh, waits minute, I can already do this without going to an outside source, by way of cambam.

Now, I'm set for this week of trial and error with grayscale images I've created,  bringing them into cambam as either Draw or Heightmaps as noted above, and then following the threads noted above as well as the last reply telling me " if that doesn't work, try this as well"

Thank you so far, I don't want answers handed to me like a calculator might, I actually want to see the long division first so I understand how it might lay down in milling techniques and lots of wasted MDF trials.

If I master it, which may be a while at my age, I'll post tutorials or steps, as cambam and the community here are worth the paid admission.

11  Support / CamBam help (General usage) / Surfaces and Cuts & Method to Get CamBam to do it. on: April 06, 2015, 04:20:30 am

My Intent, and I'm thinking it can be done, yet reading posts here has left me with puzzlement as to how it can be done, if at all with CamBam….but I've seen hints in various posts that make me say YES.

Take a stock piece of 3/4" pine 12" x12" for a test.

The concept is to have a extruded/raised 4" x 3" sized rose 3mm thick, with stem and leaves, pedals, thorns etc, that is lying atop a heart shape ( 6" x 6" ) that is contoured…. that is also raised from the surface. 

Rose would be 3mm in height, beveled and rounded edges etc.
Heart shape would be 6mm thickness with contours ( slopes and rounded edges ) ...thats 9mm between the two designs…..

I want to then, with the milled flat area around the raised heart and rose, add a texture with a bowl shaped cutter using the Heightmap/engrave feature….or maybe an exaggerated wood grain texture about another 3mm in depth.

Ive seen some threads here on extruding arcs for an oval on a pipe recently and its apparent that CamBam can do contour milling, as well as engraving methods to various surfaces from source files.

Are there specific plug-ins or methods I should consider as I read and learn more about some of my intents to make things like this?

One of the issues that left me puzzled is modifying the depth of a height map. If I take a photo of a rose, perform the initial height map, is there a proven tried way to add depth to the height map to make the generated height map say 6mm thick instead of say 2mm generated height map?….I'd like to see some variations in heights between pedals, stems, thorns.

Anything above you an answer, even a tidbit is a big thank you. I'm trying to understand how to keep the raised rose on the raised heart, the heart on the remaining surface and then add a texture…and I'm a little bit in the gray area of "how do I do this again"? did I miss a video?….

thank you for anything you can offer.

12  Made by CamBam / Members Machines / Re: Little Shapeoko2 w/upgrades on: April 06, 2015, 03:43:18 am
I have found that closed cell grey foam works well to keep the rails clean.  it is easier to form than bristles and very easy to figure out how to attach it to moving parts.  I had pieces left over from outfitting my kayak and gave it a try.  I use some bent wires, where the ends fit into the existing socket head screws for the bearings,
to hold the pieces in place.  undercut the dimensions and everything fits nicely.

That sounds interesting, I may look into that. Got a picture of the implementation you describe?

I had planned on just buying two $1 toothbrushes from the dollar store, cutting off the head with bristles and hot gluing the brush heads to the formed tabs that are from the future cover I was going to make, that would be out ahead of the wheels/bearings and always sweeping them clean.

Either way it goes, it just has to function repeatedly.
13  Made by CamBam / Members Machines / Re: Little Shapeoko2 w/upgrades on: April 05, 2015, 20:03:41 pm
I'd like to share the .cb file with anyone who might need to edit the spindle mounts I made, for their machine.

Here is the file:

14  Made by CamBam / Members Machines / Re: Little Shapeoko2 w/upgrades on: April 03, 2015, 21:48:54 pm
Thank You EddyCurrent.

My next mod will be a cover over the X & Z mount plates, with little sections of toothbrushes attached to keep the rails swept clean as it travel along the X axis.

I was just going to heat up the freebie acrylic a neighbor gave me and form bend the acrylic over the X mounting plates.
15  Made by CamBam / Members Projects / Re: Mac Mini Airflow Stand on: April 03, 2015, 21:42:45 pm
Thank You Lloydsp.

I can't in good conscience make money off someones trademark, but the wife has given the go ahead for 8 more just like it for drink coasters on the outside patio table.

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