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1  Support / CamBam help (General usage) / Re: The Laser Project on: Yesterday at 14:16:47
Hi Dave,
Interesting find Dave, I thought that varying the power (S values) be easier and better approach vs the feedrate control. I don't really understand why is there so many different opinions on base freq setting in Mach3. Pretty sure it is relative to hardware that use it, and if my memory is correct my laser requires 1000. Huh

You have mentioned 15W laser you were interested in. According to one of the videos on Endurance website those lasers don't have mentioned output, they use 15W of power. In fact, my laser diode only outputs 7.5W but because special controller that safely overclocks it thru pulses it does produce 10W cutting power.   
That is some video that you shared on Jan 15th post, and the only way my laser compares that good ventilation is a must.
2  Support / CamBam help (General usage) / Re: drilling on: January 15, 2020, 11:51:56 am
David, what version of Mach3 you trying to do this on? I'm using  Version R3.043.062.
3  Support / CamBam help (General usage) / Re: The Laser Project on: January 15, 2020, 01:15:04 am
We have tried the method you described, earlier in the thread, here is the .exe that does that,
Hi Dave, yes we have tried this while back, and this is not what I'm looking for. I'm looking for script that can convert Z depth values to proportional S values. G81 is not the answer Imho. If G81 is the only option then don't need to pursue anymore. I already say my piece how I feel about it on Jan 10. Grin Grin
4  Support / CamBam help (General usage) / Re: drilling on: January 15, 2020, 01:04:12 am
On my machine, that use an external motion controller (ESS), the values can be changed ONLY if the motion controller is connected to the PC
Hmmm, David, in my previous post with the screen snap what you see is capture done of my home pc that is not connected to anything.. Machine is 90 yards away in shop. Wink Cheesy Grin Grin
5  Support / CamBam help (General usage) / Re: drilling on: January 14, 2020, 21:27:50 pm
Still not able to change number of velocity. Even hitting enter. It drops to 0 and cannot change it anywhere else after. Any idea? If I install Mach again, takes origin numbers and these are to high again.

I would suggest to lower your machine speed in about 10% increments. Mach3 will let you do this if you change the to even number (from my experience) no decimal point. Hit enter and the hit save settings button. It will do its thing by adding a decimal values on its own.. See the picture, I entered 100 and mach3 adjusted it. Wink Cheesy Grin
6  Support / CamBam help (General usage) / Re: The Laser Project on: January 14, 2020, 02:54:05 am
I will Try this . Thank you.
7  Support / Related Softwares / Re: Reducing Stl file size on: January 13, 2020, 13:12:18 pm
Often I use the Polygon Reduction option in Meshlab successfully. and I recommend it highly.

I know it was written for 3d printer guys. Just follow those steps it does work. Good Luck.
8  Support / CamBam help (General usage) / Re: drilling on: January 13, 2020, 13:06:01 pm
If you attach the CB file, that would make lot easier to help you..
9  Support / CamBam help (General usage) / Re: The Laser Project on: January 13, 2020, 13:01:24 pm
Hi Dave,
I maybe 'in the left field on this one', but it occurred to me we did not try what I was thinking of and even you suggested this in your early post. Idea was to create Highmap gcode,have plugin or script to convert gcode Z depth values into proportionate S values while removing Z moves all together in the end. I do believe very early we touch on this, but ended up drifting away from this very concept. Hypothetically, one would make highmap gcode while strictly adhering to Zmin-Zmax .255 units, witch in turn would be converted to 0-255 S values.. Is this is doable? What do you guys think?
10  Support / CamBam help (General usage) / Re: The Laser Project on: January 10, 2020, 13:36:15 pm
Just examined the converted gcode and it looks good for what it is. The gcode created by other all the software have one thing in common. The X-Y stop-n-go feed/movement in .1mm increment is something my machine and its owner  Grin don't like at all. I guess, naively I was hoping for steady feed rate and the laser controlled by PWM fire in appropriate time with appropriate power. This exactly what is not hapenning. All I'm getting is tiny stop-n-go steps, it does not matter what the feedrate settings are. To illustrate my point, please see attached gcode paying attention to the S values (PWM power of the laser) and the X movement in inch units. I'm well aware the this is very slow process, but at this rate lasering the 2x2 inch picture man will travel to Mars and back twice.. Grin Grin   

11  Support / CamBam help (General usage) / Re: The Laser Project on: January 10, 2020, 13:16:06 pm
Got it going. Thanks.
12  Support / CamBam help (General usage) / Re: The Laser Project on: January 10, 2020, 11:35:26 am
The engraving looks good and so did the gasket you cut the other day, there's nothing wrong with those.
The vectors it can cut all day long that's for sure. If the laser Dave mentioned is true 15W the it should cut 3mm plywood in 2-3 passes. Endurance claims theirs is 10W, thats what I got and I cut 5mm with 6 passes. Of course thru experimenting I found is better to feed faster and do extra pass in order to avoid on charring of the edge and burnout when cuts are close together and air assist is used.


the .exe file you posted is not loading the target file. I created new folder in my desktop, placed both in, any suggestions?   
13  Support / CamBam help (General usage) / Re: The Laser Project on: January 10, 2020, 00:48:03 am
I don't know if  it's my Imagination or not, but the power seems to have increased, going from left to right
at about half way across the image.
I didn't notice it til'l you mentioned, it must be the angle ot the daylight plus light from the side that created this illusion. Wen't to shop and there I don't see this. Beside this machine was jumping all over it because I disabled the optimization for it.

Right now, the laser is off the machine because I need to catch up on few projects. But I promise, will try this .exe converter file since you put time and the effort to get it done. Once again. Thanks. 
14  Support / CamBam help (General usage) / Re: The Laser Project on: January 09, 2020, 20:58:54 pm
Sadly, I come to conclusion that my machine is not suitable for raster picture engraving and accepting this fact I'm moving on.. Again tried Piclaser, DotG and LightBurn. The software except Lightburn support Mach3, Dave offered help with converting the gcode created by Lightburn (Grbl post) so Mach3 can run it. Unfortunately the gcode created by all programs made my machine shake and dance all over the floor. Never lost a step, very happy with that, but for what it is worth, my time, machine wear, and money to spend on software knowing the results would be not what I expect. Come to realization by surfing the net that programs for this task used on Mach3 machines were written anywhere 2005 til'l 2015 and most either seized to exist or not supported anymore for obvious reason. It is hard to create sudden starts and stops when the servo motors or fine tuned steppers are asked push and stop a gantry type machine along with full size router. There are reason why all (that I know of )gone with Grbl and ribbon belt drives.  Grin, All of those machines laser, printers don't deal with mass and don't turn screws. As I said  before, I'm glad I got this laser to cut thin intricate small parts and engrave the vectors.. In the end, I want to say Thank You, to those who participated specially to Dave who spend lots of time and effort to pursue this.

Here, is 6x6" rendition of pretty graphic that Klypso is trying to cut. It is burn at 35 Ipm, 75% power..
15  Support / CamBam help (General usage) / Re: The Laser Project on: January 09, 2020, 14:11:32 pm
Hi Dave,

Here it is, the vectors test and rotary test.
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