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Title: Text Engrave MOP (For Stick Fonts)
Post by: Bob La Londe on February 13, 2018, 15:14:25 pm
In this thread ( ) I lamented the way stick font engraving works.  Basically if you leave it as text the tool double traces the text at every depth.  It wastes time, and because the cutter is rubbing 50% of the time its engaged it leads to premature cutter wear. 

The work around is to cut convert it to polylines and then remove overlaps.  In order to keep track of what is what you can put stuff on different layers, but it can get pretty confusing pretty quick if you have more than a word or two of text to deal with.  It also wastes a lot of time on setting up each cut if as I mentioned above, you want to change a few things each time you cut it. 

What I proposed was a plug-in that did the work around step automatically, but preserved the original text so that all you had to do if you changed the text was regenerate the toolpaths.  David suggest was maybe it would work as a setting or change in the way the Engrave MOP works.  The benefit to that is that you could turn it off when you have created polylines that may overlap for a short distance on purpose to keep the cutter engaged. 

In the grand scheme of things its a small thing, but when you have to do it the job eats up time in setup or it eats up time in cutting and promotes additional tool wear. 

Now if I have a choice between this and a true HSM 3D toolpath.  Work on the 3D HSM toolpath.  LOL. 

Title: Re: Text Engrave MOP (For Stick Fonts)
Post by: Dragonfly on February 13, 2018, 15:29:36 pm
Double pass is sometimes desirable as although the offset is tiny the tool actually forms inner and outer walls giving them a better finish.  So it should be optional depending on operator's preferences.

Title: Re: Text Engrave MOP (For Stick Fonts)
Post by: lloydsp on February 13, 2018, 16:11:34 pm
Fly, I haven't examined the actual toolpaths for text engraving, but what you're saying would only happen if the two paths ran in different directions.

I guess, from what you say, they do; but that would be the only instance where (other than chip clearance) the surface finish would be improved by two passes.


Title: Re: Text Engrave MOP (For Stick Fonts)
Post by: jk on February 13, 2018, 17:12:17 pm
IMHO this is doable with the script object.

Script takes all text from input layer, process it (explode/remove overlaps/etc) and output the
cooked objects.

Engrave MOP is pointed to the cooked objects IDs.

I may sketch such a script if you interested.

Title: Re: Text Engrave MOP (For Stick Fonts)
Post by: jk on February 14, 2018, 11:19:10 am
Did the script anyway. It was fun and easy.

Script object takes all objects from own layer, converts them to polylines, removes overlaps.
Primitive id of Engrave MOP is set to the script object.

Script object is offset via Transform field for better visibility.

After editing text or changing objects, script must be rerun either by pressing F5 on it or via reopening CB
file. Doubleclick on script object brings the script code - first line is a config and may be tweaked.
Script object may be copypasted to another layer or file if required.