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Title: Display issues under virtual machine
Post by: Dragonfly on November 22, 2017, 12:24:14 pm
This may be absolutely unrelated to CamBam but rather to the implementation of the video driver in the Virtual machine. Still I decided to share with the rest.
I am running CamBam with Windows XP SP3 in a Virtual machine (Virtualbox) under Ubuntu Linux (64 bit). The PC itself has enough resources to dedicate 2 CPU cores for the virtual machine and is actually faster than the old Pentium 4 I used before.
Initially I left the 3D acceleration options in the VM settings off and although CamBam works OK (OpenGL_legacy option) with simple 2D geometry shading and rotation of 3D objects, especially larger ones) is very slow with significant lag with respect to mouse movements. With GDI mode active in the Options menu - zooming, panning and rotating is much faster and smooth but there is no shading.
So I decided to test the 3D acceleration of the VM and turned it on.
Display mode accepted OpenGL and did not complain. Shading became very good. Zoom, pan and rotate work smoothly.

But there is an unexpected side issue - the context menu (mouse right click) opens only to the first level. For example, placing the pointer over Transform (and even clicking it) does not open the next submenu  in CB 0.98. In version 1.0 alpha 14  clicking with the mouse and then moving it opens the submenu but artefacts of the menu boxes appear in other places of the screen and the drawing window disappears (or becomes transparent) so that the Desktop background is visible. Clicking on an item (i.e. Align) restores the drawing window and opens the Align box. The box itself becomes semi transparent if inactive. (I think this has been noticed before).

Leaving the VM 3D acceleration active but switching to GDI mode in CB resolves the context menu issues but there is no shading of 3D objects.
Seems somehow illogical to me that the menus are dependent on 3D graphics capabilities.

I am attaching a screenshot of the display when context menu is somehow activated in v. 1.0R14.

Title: Re: Display issues under virtual machine
Post by: 10bulls on November 22, 2017, 12:45:36 pm
Thank you for the testing.

I haven't tested running Virtualbox here so I will try and set that up.  I usually test on VMWare or Hyper-V VMs.
OpenGL is working fine with these but I guess this will be very video driver dependent.
I have noticed VM hardware video support is still rather bleeding edge and running the latest beta/alpha versions
of them sometimes helps.

I also have some ideas that may be related to various display problems that have been reported.  I will be trying some changes over the next couple of releases to try improve things.

Out of interest, is there a need/reason for running the windows version of CamBam in your VM?
Have you tried the mono version running directly on Ubuntu?
(always good to hear feedback with various combinations though!)

Title: Re: Display issues under virtual machine
Post by: Dragonfly on November 22, 2017, 18:34:47 pm
The reason is that I don't like the versions of Microsoft Windows after XP, as well as their policies. I also don't need newer versions of the programs I've been using for a long time which run just fine in XP.  Without anti virus and other protection bloatware, as well as garbage it accumulates over time, XP is quite fast. (For that matter after installing MS .NET there is a visible slow down too.) And I use a single machine for all of my daily work.

About CB for Linux:
I have the Linux 64 bit version installed too. The latest rel.14. Initially, about 8 months ago, there were cases when it would close unexpectedly while doing something - union on two shapes comes to my mind - and the work got lost. So I was cautious to use it for real work.

Then I linked the Mono update sources to the developer, not the Ubuntu repository, and it seems there is a good progress there.  Updates are quite regular.
Now for testing I open with CB for Linux complicated projects with many parts and MOP's, done in Windows, and generate the tool paths, also manipulating the geometry and it behaves normally. The display is fast and rendering/shading also good. The plugins I have installed also work.
So I guess it's time to test it with real jobs. And I will start now with a project I have to modify for different material of the stock. :)

Title: Re: Display issues under virtual machine
Post by: Dragonfly on November 27, 2017, 19:00:48 pm
This is the first time I get an exception with CB in the virtual machine. And I think it is related to how display works. I have left active the 3D acceleration although I am not able to use the context menus. Becaus the rendering of 3D objects is good and fast.
I think the problem with the drop down menus and the dialogs that open is somehow related to the translucency effects, for example the 'Align' Dialog. It appears that submenus are opening but are not visible. I inadvertently clicked the right button near the message window and movin the pointer up and down I see the submenus but only that part of them which ovelaps the message window.
Also, if I open a submenu anyway, the main screen clears but if the dialog loses focus it becomes invisible. If I open the same dialog from the main menu toolbar it does not disappear but is shaded.
 BTW, David's 'NumMove' dialog does not do such tricks. If this can be a clue.
Attached is the text dump of the error handler.

Title: Re: Display issues under virtual machine
Post by: EddyCurrent on November 27, 2017, 20:13:19 pm
This is a 50% stab in the dark, in CamBam Tools->Option menu, set "Worker Threads" to 1
Restart CamBam and give it a try.

Also this thread maybe,

Title: Re: Display issues under virtual machine
Post by: Dragonfly on December 17, 2017, 10:59:22 am
In GDI display mode the above problems are absent. But there's no shading of 3D objects. Is this normal for GDI mode?

Title: Re: Display issues under virtual machine
Post by: dh42 on December 17, 2017, 22:17:40 pm

But there's no shading of 3D objects. Is this normal for GDI mode?

Yes, same for me on XP or W7 in GDI mode, and with all CB versions.