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Title: Ouch! Got bit by 098g
Post by: airnocker on December 18, 2010, 01:47:03 am
First of all Andy, I love it over 097f. 

But I just got beta-bit after spending considerable time entering my Sytem > Tools sets.  No great loss, except an hour of time.

What happened?  Hoping I could re-sort the Tools folders alphabetically so mine customized Tools folder would be the first in the list, I right clicked the Tools folder and then selected "Refresh" from the pop-up menu. 

DOAH! My customized tools folder vanished into thin air!

Of course I equated "Refresh" to the Windows folder "Refresh" but from what happened maybe you should consider changing the Tools pop-up menu item from "Refresh" to.....

"Restore Defaults"

Just a thought.

Title: Re: Ouch! Got bit by 098g
Post by: 10bulls on December 18, 2010, 09:00:59 am
Oh No!  I am very sorry about that.  :-[

Refresh will reload the library from the underlying XML file.  You may want to do this if you have modified the library in another instance of CamBam and want want to pick up those changes.

It really should warn you first if you have made any edits.  I will most definitely make sure it does this in the next 'H' release.

Tools -Save Settings will save any outstanding library changes.
It may be a good idea to use this occasionally when doing lots of edits.

The tools are currently always listed in Index order.  Perhaps an option to control the sort order would be a good idea.

So apologies again for your wasted effort and I will get that sorted.

Title: Re: Ouch! Got bit by 098g
Post by: airnocker on December 18, 2010, 18:07:35 pm
Thanks 10Bulls,  I apologize for the confusion but I should have stated that it would be nice if the Tools "Libraries" sorted by alpha.  My thought here is that after making a custom library of tools which will be the primary library I would select tools from, having it be the first in the subsequent ToolLibrary drop-down pick list seems desirable to me.

BTW: My work-around was to make a copy of Default-in then rename the original Default-in to "my" desired library name.

The way the underlying tools are sorted by index within a tool library  is just fine to me.

Thanks again.